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9th International PLUS-Forum Cash Circulation + Self-service. Banking and Retail 2017

4-5 october



Left before the Forum start:
A major event in the market of retail banking, cash circulation and self-service systems
Over 1000 participants: industry professionals, leading Russian and foreign experts
From the horse's mouth: all about cutting-edge technologies, concepts and business cases
Support by leading banking associations of Russia and other CIS countries
The large-scale exhibition of technological solutions from leading vendors
Мedia support: over 50 global industry-specific and mass media
The ideal platform for networking and finding new business partners
The possibility of informal communication with the market leaders and colleagues in the comfortable atmosphere
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  • Bank employees
  • Retailers
  • Online stores staff
  • Government institutions
EUR 615
  • Non-bank credit organizations
  • Staff of consulting firms
  • Non-bank credit organizations
  • Staff of IT-integrators


Ponomarenko Alexey


Alexey Ponomarenko

Cash Operations Management Director


On agreement

Yuliya Demenuk

Senior Vice President, Deputy Director of Retail Business Department


Automate Cash Management to Increase Profitability and ATM Availability

Kyrylo Khomiakov

Business Development Director, Russia&CIS


Customer Experience

Irina Alabina

Director of Development, Russia and CIS

All speaker

National cash circulation strategy and the banks. How the banks should work with cash in the current environment?
Increasing bank branch’s profitability through cash product offerings
Today’s bank branch in the light of the omnichannel and digital transformation concepts
Branchless bank: partnership schemes providing for offline cash-handling. Global and Russian practice
ATM as a hybrid self-service device: from theory to real cases in Russian banks
Customer experience: the new role of branches and self-service networks
Anti fraud activities in the bankring sector and retail. Solutions, technology, business cases
Self-collection: “in combat” experience of the banks and new technologies
Biometrics in banking: the world's best practices that would require changes in the Russian laws
Mobile branches, ATMs and service points: experience of use by the bank
Calculation and analysis of self-service network profitability: methodology, solutions, practice
Front-line of the retail banking office: from the e-teller and QMS to the new client identification systems
Physical attacks on the ATM and branch infrastructure. The modern threat landscape. Methods of countering the attacks
Cash collection and counting technologies at banks and cash settlement centres: new solutions
Coin handling models at banks and retailers. Technology solutions
Prospects for a fully outsourced ATM network: accounting and reconciliation, complaint handling, etc.